photography + animated gifs  

Through the looking glass

“If the doors of perception were cleansed then everything would appear to man as it is, infinite”- William Blake

Exhibited in an augmented reality installation at IO House of Digital Arts, in Port-Louis Mauritius.

The idea of this serie of photographs was about capturing the flow of water from a different perspective, using this fascinating shape that I have been exploring for a while, an arch-shaped mirror, a portal. I wanted to carve a window into the very fabric of the landscape.

While editing, another reflexion appeared. By manipulating these images, I positioned the mirror so it is facing the viewer. The reflection staring back is none other than nature itself.

We are an integral part of the natural world, yet, at times, we succumb to the illusion of separation, believing ourselves to stand apart from the very essence that sustains us.

The arch-shaped mirror acts as a metaphorical portal, a looking glass that not only offers a captivating perspective on the landscape but also holds a mirror to our own being. It challenges us to recognize that we, too, are an integral part of the landscapes we admire. Our reflection is not merely a duplication of form, but also a reflection of our profound interconnectedness with the natural world.

There is something in this serie about remembering our true essence.
Employing burst shot techniques during the capture, some photos of the serie are also visible in augmented reality : the water is flowing in a looped animation. This perpetual cycle mirrors the essence of life itself.

Water’s constant journey, flowing from rivers to oceans, evaporating into the sky, and returning as precipitation, reflects the continuous rhythm of life. Just as water experiences an unending cycle of transformation, so we too navigate through various phases and stages in our lives, constantly evolving and renewing, infinately